“Nigeria is a vacation spot, not where people should live” – Nigerian-born US soldiers reply those criticizing them for not joining the Nigerian army (video)

Two Nigerian men currently serving in the US Army have responded to those criticizing them for not joining the Nigerian army and instead choosing to serve another country.

Speaking in a video making rounds online, the soldiers urged those castigating them to go ahead and join the Nigerian army and leave them out of it.

They also mentioned the current exchange rate and said they can’t serve in the Nigerian army and be paid “peanuts”. According to them, they weren’t born to suffer, and joining the Nigerian army equals suffering.

Nigerian-born US soldiers reply

One of the soldiers further described Nigeria as a vacation spot and not where people should live, and advised people to leave the country.

The clip has sparked a myriad of comments on social media, with many sharing differing opinions on the soldiers’ statements.

Read some comments as you scroll,

@olaadedayodutch wrote, “They are proud to be a US Army because they are in a working system, I’m proud to have a German Passport for myself and whoever is angry with my post is a bitter person/kids.”

@goddypearl3 wrote, “Why una Dey attack them. They are saying the truth. Those of you that said they should have joined Nigeria Army, why una never join??”

@adaugohomes wrote, “You all can insult him but he’s saying the fuci truth. Nothing is working well in Nigeria, no good government, no good education and good working system.”

@saliu.nurudeen1 wrote, “Warped thinking, slavish mentality. The country will get right in matter of time. The country you are jumping the fence to face challenges but they pull through.”

Watch the video below…

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