“BSc degree, husband, and children bagged” – Lady shares love story with man who paid her fees, proudly flaunts 2 kids (Video)

A Nigerian lady identified as Pat has taken to social media to describe her inspiring experience of love and thankfulness.

The woman could be seen in the viral video standing next to her spouse during their university sign-out day, beaming with joy and appreciation for the amazing adventure they had taken together.

“I bought him Egg roll and coke in 2018 in the school cafeteria & he paid my four years school fees and we have 2 sons throughout the program,” she wrote.

Pat bought an egg roll and a cola for her soon-to-be partner at the university cafeteria in 2018 and showed a modest act of kindness.

She had no idea that this kind deed would pave the way for a love that would change her life.

In a twist of fate, the young man—whose identity has been withheld—returned the favor by generously covering her tuition for the following four years.

The relationship between Pat and her partner got stronger as they overcame obstacles and achieved victories in their academic path together.

Due to the strong bond they had built while attending college, their love story endured, leading to the birth of their two kids.

Reacting to the video, @MERCY commented; “You are the luckiest babe, BSC bagged, husband bagged, and children bagged congratulations.”

@EGHOSA N said; “Na to just Dey share egg roll and coke for school cold or hot coke?”

@Falaive Toyosi Adera reacted; “Bottle coke or plastic please be specific.”

Watch the video below.

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