Starfield: Every PC Cheat Code (& How to Use Them)

There are several cheats for players to utilize in Starfield to enhance their experience but be warned that some may cause additional glitching.

With Starfield being available on PC, many players are looking for cheat codes to enhance their experience to their liking. However, before any cheats can be entered, players will first need to go through the process of getting everything set up, so they can use the cheats properly.

In Starfield, the cheats are also known as Console Commands. These cheats can allow players to explore the galaxy in an entirely new way by unlocking any locked door, spawning items for themselves on a whim, or even toggling on and off God mode. As always, cheat codes are completely optional, but something worth considering for a little extra fun.

How To Use The Console Cheat Codes

As stated, the cheats in Starfield are also known as Console Commands, so players will need to open that up in order to enter them. In order to open the Command Console on PC, players simply need to hit the “~” key. Note that this key may be different depending on the keyboard, but traditionally it is going to be the key underneath the “Esc” button.

This will open the console commands screen where the cheat codes may be entered. Note that the previously mentioned warning about achievements being turned off will appear the first time the Command Console is opened, but never again. Use the same key to open and close the Commands Console.

All PC Cheat Codes

Player utilitizing a cheat to avoid combat while standing in front of enemies in Starfield

Note that some of these Cheats may reveal aspects of the gameplay that players have not naturally encountered yet, so if looking to avoid any of that, proceed with caution. There are a couple of main different types of cheats.

There are the main commands that affect aspects of the game or the character and then there are item commands that can spawn items into existence either in the game or in the inventory by utilizing their specific code. Every item will have a unique one, so it’s best to keep track of the codes for those that are most useful so they don’t need to be looked up every time.

Cheat Code Description
tgm Toggle God Mode: Player will become invincible with unlimited ammo.
tim Toggle Immortal Mode: Allows players to take damage, but never to the point of 0 health.
psb Player Spellbook: Unlocks all Starfield Powers.
tdetect Toggle Detect: Cannot be noticed by NPCs
tcai Toggle Combat AI: AI will no longer target players for combat.
tcl Toggle No Clip: Players may fly their ship through any object without fear of collision.
tm Toggle Menus: Turn off/on the UI.
tmm 1 Add Map Marker: Will add a map marker for every location on a planet’s surface. Will be permanent.
tfc Toggle Freefly Camera: Camera may move freely over the map of Starfield, independent of the player.
player.additem [item ID] [Value] Add Items: Add any item to the inventory with the associated item code.
player.additem 0000000f [value] Add Credits: This will add the specified number of credits to the inventory, so players may avoid the traditional routes of earning money.
player.additem 0000000a [value] Add A Digipick: This will add a digipick to the inventory.
player.setav carryweight [value] / player.modav carryweight [value] Set Max Carry Weight: Allows players to increase their maximum carry weight to a specified amount.
player.setav speedmult [value] Set Speed Multiplier: Set the value to anything more than 100 to increase movement speed.
[ref id].amod [omod id] Attach Weapon Mods: Using the weapons reference ID and the modification ID, players can customize mods.
killall Kill All NPCs: Kills every local NPC.
kah Kill All Hostiles: Kills every local hostile NPC.
kill Kill Specific NPC: While the Command Console is open, select an NPC and input the cheat to kill them.
resurrect Resurrect NPCs: A specified NPC can be resurrected. Select the associated NPC’s reference ID before entering the command.
unlock Unlock: Select a locked door or container while in the Console Command menu and enter the cheat to unlock it.
sexchange Change Sex: Will change the sex of the player character to the opposite of whatever is current.
showmenu sleepwaitmenu Show the Sleep, or Wait, Menu: Allows players to adjust time on the go.
player.setlevel [value] Set Level: Change a player’s level to whatever is specified.
player.setav health [value] Set Max Health: Allows players to adjust the value of their maximum health.
player.placeatme [item id] [value] Spawn Item: Whatever item is entered will spawn directly near the character, not in inventory. Can be used for creatures as well.
player.paycrimegold 0 0 [faction ID] Pay Off Bounties: Pay off any remaining bounties owed to a specified faction in Starfield.
showlooksmenu player 1 Character Creator: Opens Character Creator Menu to adjust all aspects of character.
showlooksmenu player 2 Character Creator (Partial): Opens up Character Creator partially. Traits and Backgrounds will not be adjusted.
player.removeperk [perk ID] Remove Perk: Allows players to remove a specified skill, trait, or background.
player.addperk [perk ID] Add Perk: Allows players to add a specified skill, trait, or background. There must be an available slot or this will not work.
saq Start All Quests: Every available quest will be started and available. (This cheat will likely cause occasional game-breaking bugs)
caqs Complete Main Quests: All story quests will be marked complete. This will not affect any side quests. (This cheat will likely cause occasional game-breaking bugs)
checkplayerdoors Compares the Tracked path of the player with that of the quest’s target path.
forcereset Force a Full Reset of the game.

How To Find Item Codes

As stated, many of the cheats will require the specific reference ID of items in order to input them into the cheat properly. This can be useful for things such as spawning ammo for some of your best weapons and rather than hunt down every item code, they can actually be accessed right in the Command Console. However, it is still recommended to keep a list of the codes used most often, as this can still be tedious to do every time.

Simply open up the Command Console like normal with the “~” key and then type in “help” (without quotation marks) followed by the name of the item or part of the name. The console will then provide a list of all the item codes related to what was typed next to help. Find the item you are looking for and take note of the item ID which will be listed in parentheses. Use that item ID anywhere that a cheat asks for one in order to reference that item in Starfield.

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