Starfield: The Best Order to Play Missions (& Why)

There are several missions to play through in Starfield, from the main campaign quests to secondary objectives that can grant special rewards.

Knowing what order to play Starfield missions can be rather confusing, as the game developed by Bethesda has a large roster of quests you can embark on. The title is an action RPG that takes place in an open-world environment set in space. Because of this, you can venture through several different solar systems, visit planets, their satellites, and space stations, and solve problems here and there while you are at it. In a sense, the game is somewhat similar to Skyrim, though within a futuristic setting.

There are several missions that you can take on, from the main story campaign to side quests. While it may seem like a great idea to stick to the main storyline, that is not actually the case. The world of Starfield expands significantly with its side quests, so you should feel encouraged to sidetrack and resolve other problems in the various systems. There are also multiple rewards from side quests that are worthwhile, including weapons, spacesuits, and even a free house in Starfield.

Stick To Starfield’s Main Story Missions… At First

A close-up of Sarah Morgan looking at the camera in Starfield.

The best tip for the order of missions in Starfield is to start and stick with the main story quests for a little while after starting the game. Even if you do get access to your first ship within the first few minutes of gameplay and are virtually free to go on and about, it is actually recommended that you follow the story all the way through the “The Old Neighborhood” quest, seeing that finished.

For reference, this is the game’s second main mission and finishes with you becoming a full member of the Constellation after assisting Sarah Morgan in Starfield.

It is recommended to complete this mission because this is where the game will finally end most of its tutorial systems. By completing it, you are essentially prepared to venture through space, either by exploring planets or drifting in your spaceship across the endless void.

By this time, you should also have gathered a decent amount of Credits, weapons, and gear, which will then allow you to take on the challenges of other side quests across the various planets in Starfield.

You Should Pursue Side Missions In Starfield

Commander Tuala in Starfield, standing behind a desk and holding a slate in his left hand.

Side quests in Bethesda RPGs tend to be much better than the actual campaign missions and there are a lot of reasons to do them. It is by completing these optional missions that you can expand your crew, get more resources, and simply learn more about the world of Starfield. After completing “The Old Neighborhood” quest, you will unlock three new main quests, but you should stop and go track some objectives in your “Activity” tab, represented by the green list of missions.

To open your Missions page, you need to open the main menu and click on the circular icon directly below the image of your character.

By the time you finish the aforementioned story quest, you should have a decent amount of things to do in the “Activity” list. This includes going through your ship’s inventory to speaking with certain NPCs whose troubles you may have witnessed upon landing on New Atlantis, for instance. Talking to them will set you off on side quests that can have unexpected developments.

After dozens or hundreds of hours of gameplay, you can easily direct your attention back to the main quests given by Constellation. Stopping and exploring the game is the absolute best way to play Starfield and enjoy all the content it has to offer.

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