Canada Student Visa – How to Apply

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for international students. The Canadian
Government has introduced a new Immigration program called Express Entry.
This program offers Permanent Residence to applicants who meet the eligibility criteria and
have a high enough score. A Canada student visa is a type of temporary resident visa that
allows people to study in Canada.
A person needs to apply for this type of visa if they want to study in Canada.
To be eligible for a student visa, the applicant must meet the following conditions:
● They must be a citizen of one of the countries where citizens can apply for a study
● They must not have any criminal convictions
● They must have enough money to support themselves and their family members during
their stay in Canada.
The application process for a student visa can take up to six months, which is why it is important
that you start applying as soon as possible.

Tips to Getting a Canada Student Visa

In this section, we will explore the various steps to get a Canada student visa. The first step is to
apply for a study permit. You will need to submit your application and pay the processing fee.
You can do this by completing an online application, or you can apply in person at a Visa
Application Centre (VAC). The second step is to book your medical examination. This must be
done in person at the VAC.
The medical examination must be done before you apply for a study permit and it costs $150
CAD per person. Thirdly, you need to find out which documents are required for your visa
application package. This includes:
● A letter of acceptance from the school or program that you are applying for
● Proof of funds (bank statements)
● Proof of enrollment (for example, an enrollment letter from your school)
● Passport valid for at least six months from the date of entry to Canada
● For spouses or partners: a letter of intent providing the intended length of stay, proof of
marriage certificate and proof of partner’s residency in Canada
The final step is to have your medical examination done. Make sure you bring plenty of
documentation with you to the VAC.

The Best Places to Study in Canada

The country has a diverse culture with many different ethnic backgrounds represented
throughout. Canada has also been ranked as one of the best countries to live in, and it’s not
hard to see why. There are many places where you can study in Canada, but these are some of
the best places that you should consider:

  1. University of Toronto
    The University of Toronto is one of the most prestigious universities in Canada. If you’re
    interested in studying here, you’ll be given the opportunity to study with some incredibly smart
    people and get the best education that your money can buy. The university has a diverse
    student body and is located in Toronto, which means there are plenty of opportunities for you to
  2. McGill University
    McGill is known as one of Canada’s top universities, and one of the top universities in the world.
    The school is in Montreal which means you can enjoy all of the city’s attractions and nightlife.
    McGill also has an incredible research program, ranking #10 for highest volume of research
    among Canadian universities.
  3. University of British Columbia
    Located in Vancouver BC, UBC has been ranked as one of Canada’s top universities for
    international students by Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019-20. The
    school offers a wide range of academic programs that are recognized by over 170 universities
    around the world. UBC also has 12,000 international students from 80 countries who provide an
    international perspective on how to make Canada a better place for everyone.
  4. The University of Toronto
    The university is consistently ranked as one of the best in Canada and also among the top 100
    universities in North America. With world-renowned professors and extensive course offerings,
    The University of Toronto offers many opportunities for students interested in research, arts,
    technology and design.
  5. University of Alberta
    Located in Edmonton, Alberta, the University of Alberta is the top-ranked public university in
    Canada and the top-ranked Canadian university on Times Higher Education World University
    Rankings 2019-20. Students can choose from among over 500 undergraduate degree programs
    offered by more than 100 research focused departments.
  6. McMaster University
    This highly ranked school is located in Hamilton, Ontario. It offers a wide range of academic
    options such as engineering, health sciences and science. In addition to being home for 118
    research centres and institutes, it also has a number of nationwide programs like the CanadaChina Scholarship program.
  7. University of British Columbia
    This highly ranked school is located in Vancouver and offers students over 250 undergraduate
    degree programs. In addition to being home to the renowned UBC Sauder School of Business,
    it is also home to the top-ranked medical school in Canada.
  8. University of Calgary
    The University of Calgary is a public research university located in Calgary, Alberta with more
    than 15,000 students enrolled. It offers a diverse range of academic programs in the fields of
    engineering, law, medicine and science. It offers several scholarship opportunities for
    international students interested in pursuing their studies in Canada.
  9. Lakehead University
    This highly ranked school is located in Thunder Bay, Ontario and offers over 190 undergraduate
    degree programs with a focus on providing quality education to the community. In addition to
    being home to the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, it also has one of Canada’s top
    research facilities – The Canadian Light Source synchrotron. It has an international student
    population of 600, which is facilitated by the school’s excellent support for international students.
  10. University of Manitoba
    The University of Manitoba is a public research university located in Winnipeg, Manitoba with
    over 45,000 students enrolled and offers more than 100 undergraduate degree programs across
    its faculties and professional schools as well as more than 70 post-graduate degree programs.

Why Canada is the Best Place for International Students?

Canada is a country in North America with 10 provinces and 3 territories. It is the world’s second
largest country by total area. Canada has a population of 37 million people, of which 82% are
concentrated in urban areas.
Canada has been ranked as the best place for international students by various ranking
organizations including Times Higher Education, QS World University Rankings, and U.S. News
& World Report. Canada offers a high quality of education at reasonable tuition fees, an
excellent work-life balance and a welcoming environment for international students.

How Can I Apply for Canada Student Visa?

The Canada Student Visa is a permit that allows you to study in Canada. It is issued by the
Canadian Embassy or Consulate abroad. If you are applying for the visa, it is important that you
meet all the eligibility criteria set by the Canadian government.
To apply for a Canada student visa, you need to complete an application form and submit
supporting documents such as your passport, birth certificate, high school diploma and letter of
acceptance from a recognized educational institution in Canada. You will also need to provide
proof of funds to cover your living expenses while studying in Canada and proof of medical
insurance coverage for at least one year from your date of entry into Canada.

How Much Money Do I Need to Apply for a Student Visa in Canada?

The cost of applying for a student visa in Canada is $200 CAD.
A student visa is a type of temporary resident permit that allows international students to study
in Canada. The duration of the permit is usually one year, but it can be extended.
In order to apply for a student visa, you need to meet certain requirements. These include:
● You must have completed your secondary education and be at least 17 years old.
● You must have enough money for your tuition fees and living expenses for the duration
of your program.
● You must have enough money for round trip transportation to Canada before your study
permit will be issued.
The application fee for a student visa in Canada can be paid by credit card, debit card, certified
cheque, money order or wire transfer. At the end, there is also an additional service fee of $100
CAD to process the application


In order to apply for Canada student visa, you need to get in touch with the nearest Canadian
embassy or consulate. You will have to submit your application form and documents, which may
include proof of education, proof of funds, and other documents depending on your country’s
In conclusion, in order to apply for a Canada student visa, you need to have a valid passport
and study permit. You also need to have proof of funds for living expenses and tuition fees in
the form of bank statements or scholarship letter. You will also need to provide proof of medical
insurance coverage.

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