GTA 6 News Coming “As Soon As This Week,” Reports Industry Insider [UPDATED]

Known industry insider and journalist Jason Schreier has reported that the wait for a GTA 6 announcement and trailer is – finally – nearly over.

The wait for Grand Theft Auto 6 news may finally be coming to an end, as it’s reported that Rockstar Games could be planning a reveal as early as this week with a trailer soon to follow. GTA 6 was officially announced by the company following a string of leaks in 2022, but the developer has since remained quiet on the title and its production.

According to Jason Schreier, journalist at Bloomberg, GTA 6 might finally be ready to be officially unveiled to the world. In a Bloomberg report and tweet from Schreier, he stated: “Rockstar plans to announce Grand Theft Auto VI as early as this week,” with a trailer reportedly following in December. The report comes via unnamed sources who asked not to be identified, but Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar’s parent company, is set to report its earnings today, Wednesday November 8.

Is This The Most Reliable GTA 6 Leak Yet?

Fans May Hear About GTA 6 This Week

GTA 6 is one of the most highly-anticipated games of all time, with leaks and rumors surrounding the project since its predecessor released back in 2013. As such, it’s become difficult to ascertain when a leak is true, or when a leak is simply just devised for online attention. Schreier and Bloomberg are considered highly reputable sources when it comes to the gaming industry, with Schreier and the website even being the first to break the news of Microsoft’s Activision-Blizzard acquisition, among many other correct leaks. As such, it’s very possible this could be the most likely GTA 6 rumor seen since the original gameplay leaks from 2022.


However, it’s worth noting that – even if the report is true – it doesn’t necessarily mean that GTA 6 is any closer to launching than is currently speculated. It’s believed GTA 6 is likely coming in 2024 or 2025, due to teases dropped by Take-Two’s CEO. But as the end of 2023 approaches, a 2024 release date for a game that has no full reveal, trailer, or release date, seems unlikely. It’s generally accepted that GTA 6 will skip 2024 altogether at this point, as it leaves a very small window for developers to get the game out to the standard its critics would expect.

Schreier’s report of an “announcement” is vague enough to mean many different things, but it’s possible Rockstar could be planning to announce a streaming event at which it plans to reveal the trailer. It’s also possible that concept art, a logo, or game title could be revealed, with the trailer then following. Whatever may be coming, if this report is true, the wait for GTA 6 may finally be coming to a close.

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