Why Business Intelligence is Important in Mortgaging

Have you had thoughts on why or what is business intelligence? How effective is it when being used? Does it solve the problem of mortgaging? What are its benefits?

According to research, Howard Dresner coined the phrase “business intelligence” in 1989. The business world is now evolving around business intelligence and it is a term and concept businesses and organizations must get themselves familiar with.

Business intelligence assists businesses in making better decisions by employing data collection, data analysis, data visualization, best practices and band tools. It basically consists of using analyzed data and specific strategies to manage company information and make data-driven decisions.
Businesses as well as financial institutions have goals, targets and objectives they intend to meet and reach and in order to do so, they must collect the necessary data, analyze it and decide on the right course of action to take. One impressive thing about Business Intelligence is that it is always changing to meet changing business needs and to keep users informed of new developments that help scale their business or the industry at large. It makes it simple to get information about the business’s current situation based on the data at hand which prompts better decision-making.

The successful implementation of Business Intelligence helps to provide solutions, reduce risks, increase sales and performance as well as optimize operations. Businesses with the aim of increasing their efficiency in making and getting fact-based decisions to understand the importance of Business Intelligence. It seeks to provide a comprehensive understanding of organizational processes, consumer behaviour, and internal productivity by unravelling significant patterns and trends in company data.

The need for Business Intelligence by businesses or organizations is to improve their business operations through the use of relevant data. Industries or companies that effectively employ Business Intelligence tools and techniques can analyze their data into valuable insights about their business strategies then the information gotten from the insights can then be used to their advantage and gives them a competitive edge over their imitators.

The important benefits businesses can get from integrating business Intelligence into their day-to-day operations include:

  • speeding up the decision-making process: The decision-making process of business becomes easy, simple and fast as long as Business Intelligence is integrated into the business process.
  • Identifying problems in business that needs to be addressed and providing the necessary solution to them: The proper application of Business Intelligence assists companies to identify problems they are faced with and also proffer solutions to the problem.
  • Increasing the business’s operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Increasing sales and revenue, gaining a competitive edge over imitators and rivals as well as reducing business risks.

Why Business Intelligence is Important to Mortgage Companies

The mortgage industry has experienced steady growth over the years and is set to experience growth as the years go by. The integration of business intelligence in the mortgage industry is playing a big role in the growth of the industry. Without Business Intelligence, Mortgage companies are bound to have challenges in managing their information systems to get desired results, navigating through their databases in order to give out loans, managing risks and deciding what course of action to take.

The relationship between Business Intelligence and Mortgaging is that the former solves the problem of managing information by analysing data, reducing the rate of risk and well as providing the right course of action to be taken. The mortgage industry is becoming more competitive as it grows and companies and lenders need to find new ways they can outshine their competitors and also leverage their data to be efficient and grow their business.

The effective use of Business Intelligence by mortgage companies can put an information evolution in their hands and drive the industry to immeasurable growth. The Business Intelligence tools or software used help to make better lending decisions, and make the loan lending process easier and faster with risk mitigation. The tools used can allow varieties of documents, data and accounts to be utilized to determine the risk in the lending portfolios.

Mortgaging businesses that use Business Intelligence and have their knowledge integrated into their business practices are able to make faster decisions, control their risk more accurately and provide a better lending option that improves their customer service. Without the use of Business Intelligence in Mortgaging, the companies are faced with the challenge of increased risk in lending, a slow decision-making process and decisions of the companies may be based on emotions, intuition and gut feelings.

Business Intelligence plays an important role in Mortgaging at large and it helps lenders consider integrating the processes into their daily operations. Some importance of Business Intelligence to Mortgage companies includes the following:

  • Risk Mitigation: The use of Business Intelligence helps lenders know what lending options to provide to their customers and how to reduce the risk of lending.
  • Time-Saving: Engaging Business Intelligence helps both parties (Mortgage Companies and Lenders) save time and reach a conclusion or decision almost immediately.
  • Increase in Lending Opportunities: Lenders are open to more lending opportunities through the use of Business Intelligence that leads to more sales and increases in revenue. They may be ineligible for a mortgage plan but there are high chances that they would be fit for other mortgage plans.
  • Up-to-date data: The data used to make decisions would usually be pulled out of other third-party sources through APIs and integrations. These sources might include Credit Bureaus, the IRS and other financial regulatory bodies. Absolutely, up-to-date data would help in making great and more accurate results.
  • Better Customer Relationship: No doubt, a better customer relationship with the mortgage company would be effective due to clear terms, promptness and the level of organisation Business Intelligence would inculcate in the business.


To stay competitive in business, businesses must align to operate at a breakneck pace of making crucial decisions with data to gain an edge over competitors. The mortgaging industry should implement the practices of Business Intelligence to help make decisions faster, reduce risks and provide better customer service and relationships.

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