John Cena & Alison Brie Team Up In New Movie From Director Who Birthed An Action Sub-Genre

Images and the trailer for Freelance have now been released, teasing the John Cena and Alison Brie action comedy from the director of Taken.

John Cena and Alison Brie team up in the new trailer for Freelance, an upcoming action movie from Taken director Pierre Morel. 2008’s Taken is the movie largely credited with turning Liam Neeson into an action hero and launching a new sub-genre. Now, Morel is set to unleash a more comedic brand of action onto the big screen with Freelance, with Cena starring as an ex-special forces soldier who comes out of retirement to rescue a journalist.

Relativity Media has now unveiled the first trailer and images for Freelance, showing off plenty of action and a healthy does of comedy from its two charismatic leads. Watch the trailer and check out the new images below:

The trailer and images provide a closer look at Cena and Brie, as well as supporting actors like Christian Slater, Alice Eve, and Juan Pablo Raba. Raba plays a dictator in the movie, who will serve as the third lead.

What The Freelance Trailer Reveals About The Movie

John Cena looking worried in Freelance.

Taken was very serious in tone, with Neeson’s hero dishing justice in brutal fashion upon the criminals that kidnapped his daughter. Freelance, however, is noticeably lighter in tone and in terms of its color palette, with the story taking place primarily in colorful landscapes in South America. While the action shown in the trailer is surprisingly bloody, it accompanies a great deal of jokes and physical gags, which lends itself well to Cena and Brie’s own sensibilities as actors.

The trailer also provides more information regarding the film’s story, with Cena’s character clearly not finding very much enjoyment in his life or desk job. When Slater’s character, some kind of private military contractor, offers Cena the opportunity for not only some excitement but a decent payday, he accepts, agreeing to provide security for Brie’s journalist, who is hoping for the scoop of a lifetime during her interview with a dictator. When a coup breaks out during the interview, however, the three must head into the jungle to survive.

Long before starring in Fast X as Jakob or appearing in the Transformers franchise, Cena got his start as an actor with smaller action movies like 12 Rounds and The Marine. While those movies were light on comedy, Freelance looks like it could end up channeling a similar energy, with Cena truly serving as a one-man army. It remains to be seen how the film will stack up against Cena’s recent projects, but the trailer suggests that his chemistry with Brie will be just as much of a selling point as the bombastic action set pieces.

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